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As we grow older we realize time is a luxury we don' t have anymore. Things change. I don' t know when I'll have the time to post new things online. I don' t know if I'll post anything online anymore. I just don' t know, only time will tell, Farewell to all my readers out there if they are any it's been fun. 

Various – living music 2001 – musique vivante 2001 (Double CD)

I found this double CD at Renaissance Montréal. This compilation was still sealed and at 4.00 $ it`s a damned good deal. This came out in 2001 on the Canadian music centre. The CMC, since 1959 has been proudly supporting, preserving and promoting the work of Canadian composers. This double compilation features mostly Canadians and some composers from Germany (Eugene Martynec) and the United Kingdom (Michael Finnissy). There`s a lot of listening material on this double CD compilation 25 tracks by 25 composers = 139.25 minutes. They offer a nice variety of sounds / styles; new classical, experimental jazz, electroacoustic and sound art. A nice introduction for these types of music. On the first CD there`s an amazing piece by Michael Bushnell (from British Columbia) titled `on the night train` (9.05 minutes) = experimental percussive soundscapes = strangely compelling meditative music. More information here;  

Noises of Russia – experimental structure live at ESG-21, St.Petersburg, 06-10-2008 (CD)

Noises of Russia are a Russian experimental electronic music band with Igor Solnzev, Denis Rylov, Anna Jurko and Tanya Parfenova. This live CD (10 tracks = 46.01 minutes) is their fifth album. It came out on Zhelezobeton in 2008 with a limited print run of 250 copies (I own # 57). I`m pretty sure it`s sold-out. It`s a damned shame because this is mind blowing stuff. I would love to see them perform live. In this live setting, they use samples, field recordings, laptop, analogue electronic noise, guitar, metal percussion, and voice. The voice is a key participant here lo-fi screams, murmurs and mangled / processed beyond recognition. It adds depth and feelings to this listening experience. This is definitely not music. It`s not noise nor harsh noise. You could say it sounds like a combination of ambient noise, electroacoustic, ambience, minimalism (with some lo-fi noise elements thrown in) and shades / traces of ambient darkwave / dark ritual music. An amazing recording. More info here:
And here:

Gydja – helchemy (CD)

Gydja (an old Norse dame for priestess) is the solo project of a sound artist (Abby Helasdottir) living in New Zealand. Helchemy which came out in 2008 on Afe Records (an Italian label run Andrea Marutti) is his eight album. My first Gydja listening experience. There`s two long tracks for a total running time of 50.51 minutes. Here`s a brief rundown
1 – The spirit of the earth with venom intoxicate (25.07 minutes) = ambient darkwave / noise + minimal electronics + drone elements + found sounds + minimal piano = feels like sitting naked on a mountaintop in Siberia while the wind proceeds to slowly freeze your soul relentlessly.
2 – The black sea, the black lune, the black soll (25.34 minutes) = minimal ambience + rhythmic noise elements + some sonic experimentations + death ambience + more lo-fi rhythmic noise = a subtle trip through the land of inner schizophrenia, impressive. Check it out

Air – virgin suicides (CD)

I`m not much of a Air music fan but when I read a couple of years ago that they recorded a movie soundtrack. Well curiosity got the better of me. I never saw the virgin suicides movie before. This album (13 tracks = 40.31 minutes) came out in 1999 (it`s their second effort). I found this on a cold Sunday afternoon at Renaissance Montréal, for their usual 2.00 $ fee. I wasn`t expecting much. After the first listen, I`m hooked. What an amazing surprise, this is a mighty good soundtrack. Air mixes various elements of rock, downtempo, trip hop, lounge, jazz. Ambience, psychedelic rock, electronic, minimalism, and soft rock. The end results a beautiful, fresh, deeply emotional, introspective, atmospheric, sensuous soundtrack. A couple of tracks recalls Pink Floyd circa dark side of the moon, nonetheless it sounds even better than old Floyd. Standout tracks are
6 – The Word hurricane (2.33) = old psychedelic rock + electronics = nice.

13 – Suicide underground (5.56 minutes) = downtempo electronics meet old psychedelic / space rock. Recommended.                                           

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